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Fusion Splicer

Fusion Splicer

Fusion Splicer

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Fiber core can be display clearly\nsingle x or y view and x & y view simultaneously\nauto check quality of cleaved end face\nauto select best splicing program\n9 seconds splice time and 30 seconds heat time\nsmall bulk and light weigh\n5 inch color lcd monitor with clear digital image display\nsimple operation menu\nspecefications\nmodel\tkl-280\napplicable fibers\tsm (itu-t g.652), mm (itu-t g.651), ds (itu-t g.653), nzds (itu-t g.655)\nfiber cleaved length\t8~16mm(coating diameter:250µm) \n16mm(coating diameter: 250 ~ 1000µm)\nfiber diameter\tcl


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