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Product Name:
Fusion Splicer
Product description: Fiber core can be display clearlynsingle x or y view and x & y view simultaneouslynauto check quality of cleaved end facenauto select best splicing programn9 seconds splice time and 30 seconds heat timensmall bulk and light weighn5 inch color lcd monitor with clear digital image displaynsimple operation menunspeceficationsnmodeltkl-280napplicable fiberstsm (itu-t g.652), mm (itu-t g.651), ds (itu-t g.653), nzds (itu-t g.655)nfiber cleaved lengtht8~16mm(coating diameter:250µm) n16mm(coating diameter: 250 ~ 1000µm)nfiber diametertcl
Product Category: Computer & Telecom Products
Model: KL-280
List Price:








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