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[ S ] elescound capacitor    [ China ]
Elecsound is manufacturer of capacitors. we mainly strong in tantalum capacitors, ceramic capacitors, film capacitors and aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

tantalum capacitors
elecsound can offer tantalum capacitors with dipped type and smd type. we offer very attractive prices for this.

ceramic capacitors
elecsound is a manufacturer and very speciallized in ceramic capacitors, including:
disc ceramic capacitors,high voltage disc ceramic capacitors, radial, axial and smd multilayer ceramic capacitors, y1 and y2 ceramic capacitors as well as ceramic trimmer capacitors, we offer high quality with competitive prices, lead free and speedy delivery in 3--5 days.
[ S ] elescound varistor    [ China ]
Elecsound electronics co., ltd is a manufacturer of zinc oxide varistor. we offer 5mm, 7mm, 10mm, 14mm and 20mm dipped varist
we can offer below size with good price. and we can make lead free and with many approvals.
5mm dipped zinc oxide varistor
7mm dipped zinc oxide varistor
10mm dipped zinc oxide varistor
14mm dipped zinc oxide varistor
20mm dipped zinc oxide varistor
[ S ] elescound pcb    [ China ]
Our pcb factory is located in fuyong town, shenzhen, with more than 300 workers and advanced equipment for printing circuit board. we are mainly focus in single layer board, 2 layers board, 4 layers board and 6 layers. surface treatment are hal board, gold-fingered board, blind buried orifice board, high tg boards, aluminum based board, immersion tin board, immersion gold board and so on. our lead time is only 7 to 10 days. all we need for a quote is the quantity you need and a gerber file of your pcb. it's fast and easy and the quality is great.
[ S ] elescound led    [ China ]
Elecsound is a very good supplier for led products. we offer a wide range for led lamps. such as smd led, led bar, indoor led, outdoor led display and also high power led.

photo diode led
lambertian b high power led without pcb
lambertian b high power led with pcb
compact( to-3) package high power 1400ma 5w led
38mm multi-chip array high power 350ma 10w led
10mm 80ma 4-chip high power led
5mm 40ma 2chip high power
normal high power leds
"1.5w new structure rgb c/a(common anode & common cathode availble)"
"3w new structure rgb c/a(common anode & common cathode availble)"
5-led module
[ S ] elescound potentiometer    [ China ]
Elecsound electornics is a manufacturer for below range of cermet trimming potentiometers, cermet type and wirewound type. the range as 3006, 3262, 3266, 3262, 3314, 3313,3224, 3269, 3296, 3299, 3303, 3306, 3309, 3318, 3323, 3329, 3362, 3386, 3540, 3590 and 105h. we offer "elecsound" brand with competitive price, very speedy delivery and very high quality. and our products are well crossed to bourns brand. for small qty we hold stock and for big qty lead time is 8--12 business days only.

3006 4.8x19 rectangular/multiturn/trimming potentiometer/elecsound brand
3266 7.2x6.7 square/multiturn/trimming potentiometer/elecsound brand
3296 10x9.5 square/multiturn/trimming



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