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Aviamash Trading Company

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About Us ~
We are small scale mining company here in ghana with a subsidiary company in sierra leone.

we specialized in exploration of rough sawable diamonds and other mineral resources.we have the capacity of supplying in large and small quantity of uncut rough diamond ranging from different carat and color grades.
Year of Establishment : 2001

~ Contact Info ~
Company Address: East Airport Road  
City / Province:
Country: Ghana
Phone Number: + 233207692426
Fax Number: +
Contact Person: James Baker
Position: Director
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~ Products / Service info ~
Name Category Description
Uncut Rough Diamond Arts / Craft / Gift & Jewellery Prices and specifications \r\n \r\n1. 0-1.99 color d-j, clarity if, vvs1, vvs2, vs1, si1 shape sawable 1 ,makable 1. price $650 - $780 us per carat.\r\n\r\n2. 0-2.99 color d- f clarity if, vvs1, and vvs2, shape sawable 1, makable 1, price.





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