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Product Name:
Canned Mushroom
Product description: Canned mushroomn(whole, p+s, slice)n1. brine: 0.8-1.1%n2. certification: haccp, ifs, fda, iso, brc, koshern3. shape: whole, p+s, slicedn4. ingredient: mushroom, water, salt, citric acidn5. can be lacquered or unlacquered tinsn6. package: in tins/jars, and in paper carton/trayn7. in tins: a10(3100ml), a9(2650ml), 850ml, 425ml.n in glass jars with brine/marinated : 212ml, 314ml, 370ml, 580ml, 720ml, 1000ml, 1700ml.
Product Category: Agro / Agritural / Food Products
Model: 20120213-m1
Standard: HACCP
List Price:








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