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Product Name:
Swimming Pool Heat Pump
Product description: 1)tthe chiller/heater unit can be used for the adjusting and controlling of the fish pond water temperature in the hotels, restaurants, seafood markets, ocean parks, aquariums。n2)tthe heat exchanger in the unit is made of pure high-quality industrial titanium so it is well resistant to corrosion. and it is suitable both for seawater and fresh water.n3)tthe unit has a double service-refrigerating and heating. there is electronic temperature controller with number display on it and users can set the temperature by themselves. it is stable, efficient and easy to operate.n4)thigh-end temperature controlling system: power-off temperature memory system. it will restart at the former temperature once the power is reconnected.n5)tthe most outstanding feature is: neither refrigerating nor heating needs to be controlled by human beings. the unit can automatically convert between refrigerating and heating according to the change of ambient temperature.n
Product Category: Home Appliance & Supplies
Model: WN-LNJ1B
Standard: CE
List Price:








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