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Product Name:
Double A4 Paper
Product description: Sheet size:210mm x 297mm, international size a4nquality: imported 100% virgin wood pulpnwhiteness = 102-104%,natural whitencapability: high speed copying100ppm, laserncapable,inkjet capable, fax capable.nthickness: 103-110 umnsurface roughness ts ml/min: 75-175nsurface roughness bs ml/min: 100-200nbending stiffness md: >110 mnnbending stiffness cd: >50 mnncie whiteness: 148-152ncobb test: 27-33 g/m2 27-33nnkey performance:nno jam in photocopy machinenno double feednstay flat after copyingnleave no dust in the copy-machinennice appearance-white and cleannnice touch-smooth and bulkynno see through-print both sidesnbeen developed for : photocopy mac
Product Category: Office & Industrial Supplies
Model: 11
List Price:








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