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About Us ~
Founded as a professional supplier of milling cutters and tct saw blades, far easy has gained a reliable reputation among worldwide clients by offering the innovative products with competitive prices and satisfying service.
in order to fullfill customer's requirements, far easy has been continully expanding the range of products. beside milling tool parts and saw blades, we also provide cnc saw blade sharpening machine, manually tube drawing and butting machine, and automatic tube double machine.
Year of Establishment : 2007

~ Contact Info ~
Company Address: No.56, Gongyequ 38th Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 407  
City / Province:
Country: Taiwan
Phone Number: + 886423597887
Fax Number: + +886423598026
Contact Person: Eric Kuo
Position: Sales
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~ Products / Service info ~
Name Category Description
Automatic Carbide Sawing Machine Others / Miscellaneous Products Automatic carbide sawing machine\nproduct id: st-70 / st-100 \nautomatic carbide sawing machine features high speed, high efficiency and high accuracy. this sawing machine can continually work for 24 hours. it equipped with digital control monitor and a/c servo motor. \nthe automatic carbide sawing machine is especially ideal for cutting solid bars and angular steel. it is also suitable for cutting steel pipe by using a hss sawblade.
Automatic Tube Double End Finishing Machine Others / Miscellaneous Products This automatic tube & pipe double end finishing machinescan be connected with tube mill (tube/pipe making machine), it is possible to simultaneously chamfer both ends of a tube inorder to get faster tubes/pipes output performance.

1. fully automatic feeding, loading and chamfering.

2. chamfering devices moving is controlled by servomotor.

3. chamfer tube both side-ends at the same time.

4. the single end chamfering with a stopper on the other end to provide and ensure precise positioning.

5. chamfer shafts controlled by invertor. it helps operator find out the optimum rpm to cope with a variety of tube thickness.

6. custom-made acceptable.

the specifications of the automatic tube & pipe double end finishing machine on the web site are for reference only.
Manual Tube Drawing And Butting Machine (standing) Others / Miscellaneous Products Cj-126 manually tube drawing and butting machine (standing) is mainly suitable for the customer such as pipe & tube machinery manufacturer, pipe making manufacturer, pipe cutter manufacturer, furniture manufacturer, bicycle manufacturer and automobile.\nfeature:\n1. semi automatic tube processing machine. standing type.\n2. designed to drawing by submerged cooling processing to keep tubes or pipes straight.\n3. custom-made according to your tube diameter and thickness.
Milling Cutter Others / Miscellaneous Products Milling cutters are cutting tools used in milling machines or machining centres, and occasionally in other machine tools. far easy provides various types of milling cutters, which including face milling cutter, master milling cutters, octagon milling cutter, dovetail milling cutters, chamfer milling cutters, two-sides chamfer milling cutters, aluminium alloy face milling cutters, square shoulder and slot milling cutters, helical milling cutters, plunge milling cutters, drill end mill, drill end mill combimaster heads, high feed milling cutters, copy milling cutters..etc.
Tct Saw Blade Bt Others / Miscellaneous Products Tct saw blade bt for cutting carbon steel and alloy steel:\n(285 mm tct circular saw blade / 360 mm tct circular saw blade)\n1. made in japan.\n2. suitable for culling high-carbon steels, which including non-thermal refining steels, thermal refining steels, and bearing steels as well as large-diameter od 100 mm materials. \n3. high-speed cutting : size : 0.08 mm, speed: 10 mm/sec.\n4. wide scope of application, high quality and durability, \n5. popular in the market for many years.\n





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