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About Us ~
Promoted by naturopaths in herbal medicines, ancient formula botanical herbal extracts oil for all hair related problems and body massage oil.
Year of Establishment : 2007

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Company Address: C-28 Ground Floor, Sanwal Nagar, Sadiq Nagar, New Delhi  
City / Province:
Country: India
Phone Number: + 919868874657
Fax Number: + 919868874657
Contact Person: Vincent Gomez
Position: Director
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Name Category Description
Healing Oil Beauty and Personal Care Healing oil* body massage oil is best remedy for skin allergy, septic, cuts, infection, bruises, dry or oil emulsion, burn, scratches, steam or hot water contact or burn, mosquitoes, insects, pests, flies and bedbugs bite, tension, irritation, discomfort, itching, rough, dry and parched scaly lifeless and aged skin texture. \n\nhealing oil* body massage oil softens, conditions, tones, moisturerises, improves, enlivens and tightens the muscles and skin texture.
Healing Oil Beauty and Personal Care healing oil for hair is an excellent and reliable easy to apply, affordable, productive and effective remedy for all hair related problems of today. it readily absorbs in scalp, hair and head without oily, messy and staining, no side effect or after effect and is safe, productive and effective, nontoxic, antidandruff, antiseptic, anticoagulant, antiallergy and pest repellent. \n\nit has prestigous benefit, fitting advantages and goodness on the hair of whatsoever condition or type of hair maybe. a good remedy for boils, eruptions, fungal infections, allergy, cuts, bruises and burns on the scalp and head. it stops split end hairs, graying and falling off hairs, induces sound sleep and keep the head cool and relieves headaches, hot heads, irritations, and infections of all types and nature of the head and scalp. healing oil for hair never develops resistance and mutation amongst head lice, its eggs and nits; it never kills but repels the entire site of the head lice and never rehabilitates head lice, even if apply healing oil for hair for over a long period of time. healing oil for hair conditions, vitalises, moisturises, rejuvenates, replenishes, tones, strengthens up and promotes supple, full of life, strong, flexible and perseverance thick hair growth. it improves, benefits, cures, nourishes and makes soft and silky hair strands right from the hair root to the tip of the hair strand and replaces old ailing lifeless and damaged hair strands with improved new transformed sustained gentle hair growth.\n\nhealing oil for hair stimulates the intellect and sharpens the memory, if properly, daily and regularly apply as prescribed for a long period of time. take a palmful of adequate healing oil for hair then gently but thoughly rub between your both palms and then gently and thoroughly apply all over your head, scalp and hair after that with your fingertips massage your scalp and head for about twenty minutes and then wait for about two hours and after that wash your head and hair with any baby soap or baby shampoo because baby soap or baby shampoo contains no harmful chemical. individuals of all ages from all walks of life whether working girls, married ladies, mothers, school or college students, men, hair saloons, beauty parlours and massage parlours can get the maximum benefit out of this healing oil for hair, if apply properly, daily and regularly as prescribed. healing oil for hair provides every need what the endusers want at an affordable price available round the year for all walks of life, age and place. the reason is as clear as the benefit produced by healing oil for hair endusers like what they get. they keep coming back for more and more of healing oil for hair apply it once and find out for yourself. healing oil for hair quality speaks out for itself and not our ads. healing oil for hair is an ultimate legend immortalised the natural way, first apply it and then believe it. contact immediately to try healing oil for hair today.





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