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Xiamen Arthur Far East Chemical Co. ltd

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About Us ~
We, xiamen arthur far east chemical co. ltd, are a leading manufacturer with long-term experiences in producing lubricants including automotive lubricants, industrial lubricants, lubricant grease and mold-release agent.
Year of Establishment : 2000

~ Contact Info ~
Company Address: Kennei Road, guankou Town, jimei District  
City / Province:
Country: China
Phone Number: + 865926265469
Fax Number: + +865926265467
Contact Person: Andylee
Position: Foreign Trade Salesman
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~ Products / Service info ~
Name Category Description
Industrial Lubricant Energy & Power cutting oil, arcut oil, semi-synthetical cutting fluid, full synthetical cutting fluid, grind oil, punching oil, rust proof oil, circulation oil, precise main-spindle oil, way lubricant, industrial gear oil, super white grease, knit oil, complex lithiumgrease, multi-purpose industrial grease, die-casting mold-release agent, stainless steel cutting oil, anti-wear hydraulic oil.





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